The Project

The SCP collects the raw data that is processed and tagged with stress classification. This information includes speech recordings (WAV files), along with annotation of the metadata and physiological sensor data. The application itself is not a single program, but an implementation of a client-server architecture where a netbook computer, on which the main program is run, acts as the server, and a smartphone acts as the client. The smartphone runs a program that collects the physiological sensor data and relays it to the server via a wireless (ad hoc) LAN. The result of each collection workflow is a sample file structure, where the questionnaire XML, the audio WAV, and the annotation XML files are stored and ready for processing by the next steps of the project. The physiological sensors to are placed according to their specifications on the subject, switched on manually, and connect via bluetooth to the smartphone. The app detects and connects to this devices, along with connecting to the serve app and relays timely updates to the server for visual monitoring (i.e. to assess if the information is being well received), but the whole sensor data is sequentially stored in the smartphone. At the end of the first and third (last) recording steps, this files are sent to the server for aggregation with the rest of the information (audio and subject/event details).



Provides heart rate, RR Interval, speed, distance and intensity level data.

Vital Jacket

Ambulatory ECG system.