The Project

Police work is one of the most stressful occupations and the exposure of police officers to stress sources over time has been associated with several physical, psychological and behavioural problems. The aim of the Scope project is to investigate psychological and physiological impact of stress among police officers working in real world conditions, by analysing gathered data using a smartphone and a Vital Jacket. The mobile device collects psychological measures of stress, coping, and georeferenced data in a transparent way, and police officers are required to press a button when experiencing a stressful event and respond to simple questions (voice or written). Scope provides a stress management solution, developing the health and wellbeing of police officers, and increasing the safeguard of the overall community. It also contributes to the area of stress and coping Ambulatory assessment.



Measures the acceleration force in m/s^2 applied to the device, including the force of gravity.


Measures the ambient geomagnetic field in uT.


Network Location based on Cell-ID and Wifi availability.


Space-based satellite navigation system that provides location, satellite and time information.

Vital Jacket

Ambulatory ECG system.